Campaign Overview

Some games go to extraordinary lengths to breathe life into the setting. Intricate histories, authentic economies, lifelike ecologies, and careful chains of causes and effects create a world that actually makes more sense than our own.

This is not one of those games.

The primary conceit of Charovnye is that magic is a more powerful force than science. The world is as we believe it to be, because we believe it to be. Generations of powerful mages, mad god-kings, errant artifacts, and desperate gambles have left a tapestry of legacies that defies our understanding.

Your heroes are stepping into a world of the truly fantastic. Humans may be the dominant race, but they are easily outnumbered. Such common fantasy races as elves, dwarves, and halflings do not exist. Instead, you may see chimai, makluks, and feylin. Dragons and constructs are available as player characters, and have their places in the setting. Magic is common, and comes in a wide variety of flavors.

The setting is designed to be used with a d20 variant. However, there is a great deal of customization, variant rules, and special options involved.

The default assumption is that your characters will be heroes, looking to make their mark up on the world. There are ample villains to defeat, wrongs to right, and wilds to tame. While the typical character arc will be a hero’s journey, keeping with the d20 style, you will be starting out considerably above “zero.” Additionally, the setting assumes dramatic, thrilling, and over-the-top action. Fortune will favor the bold.

Campaign Overview

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