A Time of Legend

In the beginning was Chaos. All the religions agree on that, even if they have different names and descriptions for the Chaos. They also each differ on what happened next. Through some divine agency, a world was plucked from the Chaos, and covered with plants, animals, people, and other creatures.

Myth and history intertwine and obscure one another for many years after that. Entire ages have come and gone. Kingdoms rose, wars were fought, women were wooed, rulers were betrayed, and civilizations fell. The details are only remembered by dusty old scholars and the ageless undead.

The Rise of an Empire

Nearly one thousand years ago, as The Council of Wyrms was falling victim to a terrible plague, a city appeared on an island off the eastern coast of the continent. It was the first human city, and was named Nor Huys. The humans proved very adept at organizing themselves. In the space of two generations, there were twelve great human cities. As the failing dragon empire withdrew to their aerial fortresses, the humans were quick to move in and secure the area.

A bit over four hundred years ago, humans had cities in every corner of the continent. More than any other race, they proved capable of surviving, and even thriving, in any environment. And, their military might was unstoppable. Wars that had always been won by the most powerful wizard were now won by thousands of steel-clad soldiers. One of the greatest of those soldiers, Kiraly T’agavor, united all of the city states, and therefore all the continent, into one great Empire.

The T’agavor Empire thrived. Humans are builders by nature, and with war reduced to infrequent skirmishes, a civilization was built. Tremendous cities, thousands of miles of roads, powerful engines, a huge network of waterworks and irrigation projects, and massive monuments to themselves and their gods. Humans are also organizers, and insisted on all of their subjects being united under a single language, a single currency, and a single calendar. Scholars claim that this was the first time in history that this ever happened.

The End of an Age

But, all good things must come to an end. Forty-five years ago, the Emperor Karalis T’agavor died an old man. He left behind seven sons by four different wives, which would have been a succession tangle of its own. To make matters worse, he changed his designated heir on his deathbed, only two days before his passing, naming his second-youngest son to the throne. Civil war was inevitable.

The Wars of Succession lasted for thirty-two long and bloody years. Entire cities were emptied of their populace. Battle magics that had not been seen in centuries were brought to the field. Each of the original seven sons died in turn, leaving their own sons to carry on the fight. Thirteen years ago, the Accords of Errege were signed, ending the Wars, and the Empire.


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